Tim Frawley Plumbing has many years experience with complicated industrial plumbing installations, including:

• Installation and maintenance for dentists to look after the water, drainage, air and suction lines. We also look after the hands-free tap ware and the plaster trap in the laboratory

• Installation of fume cupboards in scientific labs.

• Maintaining on site water treatment plant for remediation work of old contaminated industrial sites around Sydney

• Installation and maintenance of backflow prevention devices with all documentation submitted to Sydney Water. This is a requirement if there is any type of industrial or surgical process going on in a particular site, for example in mechanical workshops, spray paint workshops, dentists and veterinary hospitals

• The regular maintenance of thermostatic mixing valves (TMVs) so that the hot water is delivered at a constant safe temperature so there is no chance of scalding. This is critical for child care, aged care, hospitals, hair salons, prisons

• Maintaining pumps on large commercial buildings - pressure pumps to boost pressure, sewerage ejector pumps, storm water sump pumps, circulating pumps, mono type transfer pumps

• Install grease traps with all necessary Sydney Water documentation for commercial kitchens

• Installation of compressed air lines in factories where air switching is required.