A blocked drain is every homeowner’s worst nightmare. The most likely cause for a blocked drain is tree roots growing into cracks in old earthenware pipes.

Gone are the days of the electric eel. We clear blocked drains with a high-pressure water jet, the most effective method.

Once the blockage is clear we inspect the pipework with a CCTV camera and a locator that pinpoints exactly where the offending roots are, and the extent of the pipe damage. We can then manage the problem with the most effective treatment - replacing the damaged earthenware pipe with PVC or cleaning regularly and retarding the root regrowth using environmentally friendly chemicals.

See more information about the equipment we use.

We also run storm water drainage. When Sydney has those big storms or wet weeks its important to know that your property has the drainage. We can install sub soil aggy drains where there are damp patches at the base of wall or where there is water pooling under the house

We can install Rain water tanks to catch the water and install the right pumps so it can be used in the garden or in the washing machine and to flush the toilets

We can advise and install the best gutter for your home. If there are nearby trees we can install a gutter guard to keep the leaves out.